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Former Chief Justice Warren Burger observed that the American judicial system “is too costly, too lengthy, too destructive, too inefficient for a civilized people.” With this premise in mind, Calkins and his former partner Fred Lane, developed a mediation process designed to eliminate the adversarial setting found in the courtroom, emphasizing support rather than confrontation, understanding rather than distrust, and peace rather than victory. Calkins has written extensively on mediation practices.

Mediation Practice Guide

Lane and Calkins Mediation Practice Guide (now in Fifth Edition)

What distinguishes this work from other books on mediation is, first, it sets out in detail the caucus format of mediation so that the reader has a clear understanding of the process involved. Second, it rejects the “devil’s advocate” approach to problem-solving which can be highly confrontational, and adopts the “peacemaker” approach, which eliminates the adversarial character of the courtroom. Third, it discusses the qualities of the peacemaker and the techniques available to him to bring the parties to resolution. Fourth, it emphasizes the need to establish peace and healing as much as resolution.

Mediation Practice

Law Review Article

Books by Calkins: 

Advanced Settlement Techniques, ISBA 2023.

Practical Psychology of Mediation,  ISBA 2022.

Lane & Calkins ​Mediation Practice Guide, Fifth Edition, ISBA 2022.

Guilty Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Amazon 2016.

So You Want To Be A Mediator: Eight Steps to Becoming a Peacemaker in Your Home, Place of Worship, At Work, & in the Community, Amazon 2016.

Chronicles of an American Mediator, Amazon 2016.

Antitrust Guidelines For The Business Executive, Dow Jones-Irwin 1981.

Published articles include:

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